Some important questions answered
Name? Charlotte
Age? 25
Home? South London.
No but seriously, where are you really from? Nottingham.
How do you earn your dollar? I work in social media.
That's not a real job. Yes it is.
Relationship status? Single as a pringle.
Favourite colour? Orange.
Has anyone ever told you you look like Taylor Swift? Yes.
Does that offend you? That depends, did you mean it as an insult?
Oh wow, why do you have so many cats? LEAVE ME ALONE I ONLY HAVE TWO!

About this blog
Charlotte's Web is a London based blog, where I write about my life. As a singleton in a huge city with no money, my stories often vary between embarrassing, hilarious, cute, and downright depressing. Because #YOLO.

I also have a second blog, The London Project. And I'm on pretty much every form of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram.

Who are these people you keep bringing up?
Well they're my friends, obviously. The two most important people in my life right now are:

Thom. Gay housemate, lover of cats (until they pee on his bed, that is...) wine and Tinder. Will stay by your side through terrible nights out, and perform any song upon request. 

Sam. Housemate and best friend, podcast star of the future, enthusiastic dancer, lover of #BBAU, baking, and crochet.

They each have their own blogs now (because PRESSURE) which makes us a blogging house! Yay! You can find Sam *here* and Thom *here.* You won't regret it.

Other series (and by series I mean my life) regulars include Nicole, Sarah, Zoe, Rob, Vicki, Lottie, Becca and Luke. Others may be explained when mentioned, but probably won't be. Sorry about that.

The house pets are Colbie and Charlie (cats) Poppy and Dave (rabbits.)


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