My name is Charlotte, and I was named after a spider. Top row is what I look like, alongside my boyfriend, Luke, who proceeded to drink all of the alcohol in the world right before that first photo was taken (never tell a drunk man wearing pearls to 'smile for a nice picture' - this is the result.)

By day I work in content marketing. By night I am an animal person , blogger, and food-that-I-didn't-have-to-cook-myself enthusiast. I like to read, drink tea, and wander aimlessly around London. I also get a little too excited when Sundance comes to town, and when a new episode of Modern Family is aired.

This is my blog, and this is my blog, and across the two I will be posting at least once every weekday in 2014. Here, about my life, likes, things that made me laugh, and whatever awesome stuff gets stuck in my head. On The London Project, about London.

Thanks for dropping by :)

The boring bit: Sometimes I will use affiliate links. I would never link to something as an affiliate that I would not normally link to as a person. Thanks for listening.

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