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Name? Charlotte
Age? 26
Home? South London.
No but seriously, where are you really from? Nottingham.
How do you earn your dollar? I work in social media.
That's not a real job. Yes it is.
Has anyone ever told you you look like Taylor Swift? Yes.
Does that offend you? That depends, did you mean it as an insult?
Oh wow, why do you have so many cats? LEAVE ME ALONE I ONLY HAVE TWO!

In a bit more detail: Described recently as “a female gay man,” “a pretty little 1960’s doll,” “too nice,” “too feisty,” “the perfect woman” and, on the flip side, “every man’s worst nightmare,” I apparently wear a different (usually stolen in a drunken display of misguided affection) hat depending on who I’m speaking to. That’s cool baby, judge me as you will.

If you want the facts though, here are a few truths: I am a fan of red lipstick, skater skirts and oversized sweatshirts with cultural references scrawled across them. I am interested in fashion, and film, and photography, and especially fashion film or photography. Models, designers and creative types in general fascinate me endlessly. As do Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham, because they’re shameless overachievers, and that’s kind of inspiring. On that girl power driven note, I am passionate about feminism and equal rights. Nothing makes me angrier than sexism or – while we’re getting serious – homophobia. Live and let live. I talk to my cats as though they know what I’m saying (they do) and my heart rules my head – meaning I’m often upset about some handsome b***ard or other. Beards and broad shoulders and a structured jawline are my weakness. As is Joseph Gordon Levitt. There is room in my heart reserved for vegetable spring rolls, peach iced tea and Sundance approved indie movies. Also for Harry Potter, spontaneous travel and books by Stephen King. For those of you into that stuff, I’m an Aquarius, and my personality type is INFP. My housemates are “my people,” and my pets are the loves of my life. I am a Londoner. And I write this blog.

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