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7 Feb 2013

You may or may not have noticed that I now have a little cluster of ladies hanging out on my sidebar. This makes me very happy, especially since I'm pretty much in love with all of them (or, at least, with their blogs - calm down.)

And so, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to some new (unless you already read their blogs, in which case they're not new) blogs. Best enjoyed with tea and biscuits.

One of my guilty pleasures in blogging is reading 'mommy blogs' - they're so happy and filled with love and cute little faces that make me smile. This one is my favourite. Beki (the blogger) is a very old friend of mine, and I find her hilarious. We have exactly the same sense of humour - to the point that we weren't allowed to sit near each other in school or college because all it took to set us off in fits of giggles was accidental eye contact. No, I have no idea why eye contact was funny either. But it was. Beki writes a blog that chronicles her life raising her first daughter, who I happen to know first hand is absolutely gorgeous, and has the dirtiest laugh known to mankind. I love this blog because it is well written and has very cute photography. It also includes some good recipes from time to time, and may soon feature some more American tales as the family plans to take a long term holiday there if and when their visas come through.

Top 3 favourite posts: It's October! | Cheese,Leek & Walnut Tarts (Recipe) | Learning To Speak

If you like horses, you will love this blog. As someone that was always too scared to ride, but never too scared to pet and feed and fall head over heels in love with every horse I came across, this blog really does make me happy. Written by 18 year old Shannon, My Beautiful Bay is a haven on the internet filled with horses, cats, instagram snaps and really good writing - it's basically a lifestyle blog, but with a big difference. Shannon talks about horses instead of the usual topics found on lifey blogs, and the difference is a welcome breath of fresh air. Definitely worth a read.

Top 3 favourite posts: An Indoor Show | Halloween With The Horses | A Bit Of Fun In The Snow

Erica describes her blog as 'the clueless musings of an eternal tweenager,' which is adorable.. and is a good way of describing her whimsical style. With beautiful photography and style, alongside an irresistable hint of sarcasm, Erica seems just like the kind of girl you'd want to have a cup of tea with, go shopping for vintage with, and have hanging about when you're in need of a cheer up after a bad day. I especially like that she seems to be a bit of a soup fiend (there's more than one soupy recipe on there.) This is a girl I could be friends with.

Top 3 favourite posts: The Weekend Edition | That's Nacho Cheese | Award Season

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  1. A heart made of snow? That's just awesome. They sound like pretty lovely ladies indeed.

  2. That heart snow is just the cutest thing ever!! Loving the recommneded blogs on the sidebar too. Great idea!

  3. Love love love finding new blogs! Will be looking at these lovely ladies asap xx

  4. bless you! ps. i am the MOST sarcy person in the world. and i make a cracking tea. on the REAL. x

  5. It's nice to see a bit of a 'different' selection of blogs here, as sometimes I find myself craving something new to read about.
    Mel x

  6. Great links, I'm now following Being Erica. xx


Thank you for being kind :)


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