123 Step (To A Good Nights Sleep, According To Our Cat)

15 Feb 2013

Step 1 - Get comfortable, grab the nearest human and your favourite teddy bear (that's what she's holding there - his name is Pinky)

Step 2 - Have a good stretch

Step 3 - Pass out


  1. Mine follows generally the same pattern but it doesn't involve teddies and she sleeps on me, not next to me.

  2. Awww. I want to be a cat. They're so lucky.

  3. BRILLIANT! Goblin doesn't sleep with us much now he is a bit older..he likes to sleep on the top of the couch or on the ironing piles.. (god I hate ironing..yuck)
    Then at 5am or so he jumps up on the bed and demands cuddles.
    Cats are so weird..

  4. This is so adorable! I wish my kitty would cuddle with me in bed. He prefers to sleep at the end of my bed.

  5. I love watching a cat preparing to sleep... which is often... lol :)

  6. Love this! my little guy does about the same but when he gets to step two he stands up turns around and then lays down again

  7. cute :)

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  8. You're so lucky that you have a cat who loves to snuggle!

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  9. My cat does something similar! She tucks herself right right into you, and squeezes into the tinest gap so she laid next to you - she also loves sitting on my laptop and jumps in any chair very recently vacated!

    Jenni x

    Bows Bangles & Bakes

  10. Aww, this is adorable! My cat has a toy mouse that he carries around with him all over the place. There have been times when we have found it outside too(I personally think that this is why he gets bullied by the other cats in the street...). Then again, he also carries a shoelace around him (so it is quite possible that they bully him for this too..)

  11. That's the Teddy Bear Luke was telling me about the other day!!! Totally love the thought of her having her own teddy bear to suckle on :)


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