Oh, Henry Cavill!

12 Jan 2013

I'm obsessed with The Tudors. Honestly, I blame Nicki for introducing it to me, it has taken over my life this week and I am now at the end of the second series. I've enjoyed texting her about it though, and talking about it, and e-mailing.. and now all I want to know is where was I when this series started in 2007?? Around that time I know I was obsessed with the Philippa Gregory novels about Tudor times so maybe it was due to snobbery? I don't know.. I just know that The Tudors have once again grabbed my attention, just as they did when I first heard about them in History class in year 3.

Also, I know I'm not the only one that feels for Anne Boleyn..

If there was another culprit for my love of this TV drama, it is Henry Cavill. AKA, the new Superman. Oh my goodness, he is dreamy. Just look..

Hubba, hubba!

Anyway, Anne's 'lovers' have all just been beheaded, so I'm off to watch her lose her head. After which I may have a bit of a spring clean, before starting in on the third series, and filling my face with tuna and jacket potatoes. We aren't planning to leave the house today as Luke isn't feeling fantastic, so it will probably be another pyjama day.

Those are the best days.


  1. Hey Charlotte, in your last post you mentioned the ads, can you pay via credit/debit cards?x

    1. Hi Zoe, yes you can :) it all goes through passionfruit so you have to set up an account, but it only takes a few minutes to do, from there you can pay by card or paypal xx

    The epitome of sexiness.
    Why can't he be single? It's just not fair.

    I love The Tudors TV series, I studied them for A Level History, so used that as an excuse to buy all four box sets hahaha.

    Can't wait for Superman to come out. I will be dying in that cinema.

    Charlotte xo

  3. I love pj days, they truly are the best day:)

  4. Cheers for that bit of eye candy! Brightened up a dull winters day!


  5. i feel the same way about henry cavill.
    he's just it. hhaa

  6. ahhh he is too too hot. I had that first photo as my desktop picture at work, but it got embarrassing when someone from IT came over to fix something, so I stick to landscapes now... xx

  7. Thank you Charlotte for filling my life with this man candy :) xx

  8. Nothing says pajama day quite like a good show, like the Tudors I guess. Enjoy the night in and I hope the boy feels better soon.

  9. Oh Lorrrrrd I love Cavill! I saw the complete boxset of The Tudors on sale in HMV for around £30 but refused to buy it as I already own the majority of the series! Bad move I now think, because it's probably going to cost me as much (if not more) to complete my set. I'm yet to finish watching it all yet because a) I get sad when my favourite series ends and b) I have a sinking feeling that I've lost a disc and can't actually remember where I'm up to! x

  10. I LOVED The Tudors when it was originally on tv, even though I was 12 at the time and it was probably totally inappropriate! Haha. I'm also a massive fan of Phillipa Gregory, I do History at university and my lecturer is friends with her!

  11. I LOVE the Tudors. I'm not sure I've ever seen the first season, because I only discovered it during the second. But I love it, and Philippa Gregory's books.

    I have also been trying to figure out where it is I'd seen the new Superman before, I am so glad you figured it out for me! :) He is rather dishy.

  12. I love this tv-show.
    I'm in love with Henry and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Kisses

  13. I used to watch this for him. This makes me want to start it up again! :D I've never been able to get into Phillipa Gregory's books, maybe I'll have to try again.

  14. My gosh, we must be on the same wavelength!! I've just been watching The Tudors for the last week or so too! Too much sex, I think, but gosh. I LIVE for the moments that I get to see Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk. :D Cannot wait for Superman!

  15. I used to love The Tudors when it was on BBC2 and your post has made me really want to go buy the boxset and rewatch!

    I completely agree with you on Anne Boleyn (I loved Natalie Dormer's portrayal) and Charles Brandon (yum!) too!



  16. He is a looker...and i love the tudor era too and those books.

    i remember watching these at university and my friend eve used to call it the dirty tudors ;) hahahaha

  17. He's so dreamy!!! It took me the LONGEST time to get through the Tudor's on Netflix because it was so depressing!!! SO good though! I hated the torture scenes... I had to mute the tv and divert my eyes! xx

  18. I used to watch this whilst trying to write my dissertation last year. No wonder it took me so long. Major love for this show :)

  19. I thought I had commented on this post already - I think my phone is being strange! I was wondering if you have read 'The Six Wives of Henry viii' by Alison Weir? I found it to be a really easy to read account of Henry viii and all his wives. So I just thought you might like it if you haven't already read it. I am interested in the Tudors as well and have quite a few of Philippa Gregory's books as well.
    And yes, Henry Cavill is TASTY!

  20. I've just finished watching The Tudors and... Oh MY! I think I'm in love with the delectable Mr Cavill!!! He's gorgeous!

    By the way, just found your blog today and LOVE it!!! Following you on Bloglovin'. Have a great day xxx


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