What's On My Bedside Table?

29 Nov 2012

Is the question. "A whole mess of crap that wasn't there the last time you did this post" is the answer.

Is it weird to have a treasured family photo watch you as you share a bed with your boyfriend? I can't decide..

Oh, and please excuse the obvious damp on my wall. We have poor insulation here. (Send blankets!)


  1. I love your bunny lamp! It's so cute xx

    Rose Petals

  2. I always like buys bedside tables the most :) I have a family photo on the window sill which faces mine and my boyfriends bed and I always worry the same thing! I really want to do this post, I love being nosey hehe :D
    Love Holly x

  3. I don't have a bedside cabinet at the flat I share with my other half! At my family home however, my bedside cabinet has a photo of my grandad, a mini plaque that says 'There's nothing that a little chocolate won't fix', and a random box that has odds and ends in it, including for some reason a mini guide from Boots about eating healthily...your bedside cabinet is a lot more interesting than mine!

    Also, I feel your pain with damp...our flat has had some problems with it too!

  4. I bloomin' love that bunny lamp, I'm desperate to get one! xo

  5. I love these posts - definitely going to do one at some point! xo

  6. Not sure how I'd feel about the photo. I feel like I give the BF's 'teddy' (that's his name) depraved thoughts!! xxx

  7. I like these posts! They take us to simple, real life.

    Tell us more about that book. I don't think I've heard about it yet, looks interesting.

  8. I have a personal photo on my bedside table too... nothing wrong with that :)

  9. Haha, for me personally, I keep all those sorts of photos downstairs as it creeps me out, but different strokes for different folks. You can always turn it the other way if you're getting down to it, if you think it's weird- then they're not watching you ;)

    We used to have AWFUL damp in our old flat to the point we'd actually have to bleach the walls on a far too frequent basis because they actually used to get sort of mouldy- go down to like, Home Bargains or Wilkinsons or somewhere similar, and you can usually pick up a moisture trap and crystals to go in it for about a fiver, and it makes an enormous difference! You'll never look back xx

  10. Hahaha, love the photo. Also, love mr. light up bunny :)


  11. cute!

    xo Jennifer


  12. Why does everyone seem to have this rabbit lamp but me? I'm getting ridiculously jealous.

    Lea x

    It's Such A Wonderful Life -

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  13. LOVE that lamp! Is the silver linings book any good? I thought the film looked quite lovely!xx

    1. It is actually, it's really easy to get into and makes you feel happy and sad and sympathetic and hopeful all at once lol. The film was brilliant, definitely recommend it. It's very heartwarming :) xx

  14. What a cozy little night table! Next to my bed is a bookcase filled with books, photos + little odds and ends! :)

  15. Ahhhhh I love that rabbit lamp too cute. Love your blog! Followed!

    Summer x


  16. Bedside tables can be used to keep things like clocks, books, lamps and other essential items within easy reach. I love your bunny lamp. :) it's looks so cute.

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Thank you for being kind :)


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