Guest Post: Mr. Taylor & His Lady

4 Feb 2012

This weeks guest post comes from Tanya at Mr. Taylor & His Lady, a blog you may remember I mentioned a while ago in a piece about amazing gifs.

Tanya's blog always makes me smile and always offers something interesting to read, so is a real sweet treat for the eyes and the mind! Make sure to check her out after this lovely list :)

10 Things That Make Me Happy

(In no particular order)  

1. Making lists. I like to make myself feel productive.

2. Early morning cuddle sessions with the mister before he heads off to school.

3. Finding a new song to become obsessed with. 

4. Getting lovely emails, text or phone calls from old friends.

5. Bonfires on the beach, making smores.

6. Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

7. Finding a good pair of jeans that fit just perfectly.

8. Being a newlywed.

9. Quoting lines from Mean Girls.

10. Traveling to new places.


  1. Hahah good list. It's so...fetch. :P

  2. i love her! and i love posts like this.. such simple things we all have in common :)

  3. ok- this list needs to be my list. Love all of this and the accompanying pictures!!!

    PS- stop trying to make Fetch happen, it's never going to happen.


Thank you for being kind :)


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