100 Things I Love About England Pt.1

11 Jan 2012

I recently finished off a '100 things' series inspired by Sofias Journal, which I really enjoyed writing. Writing about the 100 things that made me happy cleared away any writers block and gave me something fun to blog about.. so I've decided to do a second series documenting 100 things I love about England. If you guys want to do your own series like this then feel free, it would be fun to see the reasons you love where you live :) 

#1 Only Fools and Horses
Arguably the most classic of all British comedies, this programme is amazing. I used to watch it with my mum and dad when I was little, then with my brother when he came along, and now I find myself watching it with Luke whenever it's on the Gold channel.

It never gets old.

#2 Full English Breakfasts
When I went to America they seemed to find it weird that we eat beans with our breakfast...

#3 Sunday Roasts

#4 Harry Potter
OK OK, so everyone grew up with this series, so really it belongs to everyone, blah blah, but the fact is - an englishwoman created this, and that is definitely a reason to be proud of our heritage ;)

#5 The Royal Family
Mostly they're boring.. but sometimes we get some pretty good scandals out of them, such as 'who is really Harrys father?' and 'did the queen kill Diana?' .. always fun to read about.

Also, how good was that wedding last year? And how cute is Prince Harry? Between him and Ron Weasley, I'm definitely getting a thing for gingers

#6 Indie music..
Because indie boys do it better.. at least, they did when I was 16.

#7 You can be anywhere in the country within a few hours

#8 We have some really good animal charities, Cats Protection and the RSPCA to name but a few.

#9 Walks in the countryside, and lunch at country pubs

#10 Tea!
Because who needs coffee?


  1. Love this idea! and I agree with all you said, look forward to reading the rest! x

  2. Love this idea!

    New follower :)

  3. Haha screw everybody else - Harry Potter is British lol!

  4. I just moved away from England, so I'm not sure if thinking about what I liked there is such a good idea. I miss it!!!! I'm gladly following your list, tho ;)

  5. You've got some of my favourite things about England in there.. and we have beans with breakfast as well.. it's the American's who are weird!!
    I LOVE the royal family as well.. I hope we never become a republic because I love having a Queen, Prince etc.. I'd be devo'd if we just had a president, wheres the fun in that?

  6. I absolutely adore this! As someone who loves BBC, British novelists, bands and movies...I'm quite thrilled. One day I will make it over there!


  7. Aww good list! I've never been to England, but I bet I'd like it!

  8. I love this!
    A lot of cowboys like beans with their breakfast too. =]

  9. That video clip was funny! lol

    And yes, it IS weird that y'all eat beans with breakfast. lol

  10. Yay Tea! There is way more to love about England than anything where I live.
    And Prince Harry is about the cutest thing to ever hit earth. If he visited near us I would be plotting ways for my daughters to lose a shoe in front of him ; )

  11. LOVE IT!!


  12. haha. love love love this. so fun. adore this post. if you get a second, I'd love to hear what you think of my Gossip Girl inspired look. xo


  13. I do love our beloved home land <3 (our government though is another story!)

    I could drink tea alllllll day and not tire of it >_< xxx

  14. I LOVE this list! These are many of the reasons that I love England too!


  15. Haha, love this! I love all of these things about England as well, and how pretty was Kate's dress?

    Pip x

  16. Becky - thank you! glad you like this stuff too!

    Claire - thank you for following! x

    Hazel - yeah it is!

    Petra - where have you moved to? Thanks for reading :)

    Kate - I agree, its the americans!

    Brooke - I love that people who havent been to england idolise it so much.. but sometimes i really dont like it. It must be the same as i am about paris

    Gia - If you like hot weather you wouldnt, if you arent bothered about hot weather, youd love it

    Sara - Glad to hear it!

    j - that whole programme is just hilarious, you can find some funny clips of youtube

    mom - tea is amazing, and if you ever get one of your daughters married off to the lovely harry id like an invite!

    Lucia - thanks!

    Fash - I'll take a look :)

    Tilly - I agree with everything you said

  17. Laura - thank you :)

    Pip - her dress was amazing!

  18. I loved your 100-things series! I can't wait to continue to read this one!

    If I were British I certainly WOULD be proud of Harry Potter! Annnnd I love that photo. I'm slightly in love with Rupert Grint. I've told my boyfriend that if I ever meet Rupert I'm going to have to leave him ;)


    Harry Potter and the Royal Family would be on mine also!

    Claire xxx

  20. Lauren - thank you :) I'll try not to disappoint!

    Claire - thank you! xx

  21. i really enjoyed reading these posts! i love reading about england -- i really want to live there one day (and honestly, i think i was british in my past life, haha! but no, seriously...). ;)

    p.s. prince harry is so cute!

    <3, Mimi


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