My New Housemate Has An Awesome Voice, Let's All Listen To Him Sing

25 Oct 2014

I was going to try and write something meaningful to accompany this video, but I love it a little too much to put into words. So instead I'm just going to post it, and run. (By which I mean sleep off a truly horrific hangover, eat some pancakes, and go dance to McBusted and the Baywatch theme at Infernos, surrounded by hot hot rugby boys, and drunk drunk Australians)

Have a good weekend x


22 Oct 2014

things to do in berlin. london lifestyle blogwhat to do in berlin. london lifestyle blogberlin germany lifestyle blogvisiting berlin. london lifestyle blogthings to do in berlin germany. london lifestyle blogberlin germany. london lifestyle blog.things to visit in berlin. london lifestyle blogvisiting lifestyle bloghorses in berlin. things to do in berlin. charlotte's web london lifestyle blogThis past weekend, I went to Berlin. Upon stepping off the S9 at Sh√∂nhauser Allee - where I stayed with Chrissie, a university friend who recently took a job at Domino Records (very proud of her for being so f*king awesome) - the first thing I noticed was the overwhelming smell of sweet pastries coming from the shopping centre. The second, that I had forgotten every word of german I ever learned during secondary school language class. Awkward. Luckily, C arrived soon after I'd bumbled my way through ordering a hot chocolate from a cute guy at Balzac Coffee, greeting me with the words, "you have a face like 'Bitch please.'" Some things don't change.

Berlin shaped observations: In Berlin, everyone smokes in bars, and drinks in the street - and not only is that acceptable, it's perfectly legal. English Breakfast tea isn't a thing. Neither is shopping on Sundays (the shops are closed.) Compared to London, the streets are devoid of people - although littered with bikes and puppies. And fashion blogging is kind of a big deal (we saw a girl freezing half to death outside a Cheap Monday sample sale, wearing tiny shorts and accompanied by a clothes rail of equally tiny clothing. In comparison, we were wearing coats and jumpers. And we were still cold.) The graffiti is on a large scale, the people are impatient (an old lady tutted at me when I crossed her path) and the children confused (a tiny blonde child called me Mama.) The most important observation of all? Berlin comes to life at night.

How to make the most of a weekend in Berlin: Stay with a good friend, who wakes you up with scrambled egg, omelette, tea, and muesli with fresh raspberries (though not all at once, obviously.) Visit vintage markets, sample sales, and Urban Outfitters. Go to a rave in an old swimming pool, introduce yourself to absolutely everyone, dance until 8am. Eat cheesecake in an old bus that has been converted into a cafe. Drink hot chocolate. Have meaningful talks about life that put everything into perspective ("If this was an indie movie we'd be making a suicide pact right now" "They don't take you seriously because you look like a 1960's doll" "Animals are better than people.") Swat up on your history by visiting the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust memorial. Watch The Jungle Book in bed. Nap while your friend watches Coraline in bed. Eat everything Kinder. Wear warm clothes.

How you'll know you've had the best time ever: You'll have a little cry when you have to leave.

Berlin, I love you. Let's find a way to stay together forever. 

Next stop: Edinburgh.

Seven Henrietta Street

21 Sep 2014

Whilst sitting backstage at an event I've been working this weekend, I sat and read Kate Spade's 'Things We Love' from cover to cover. I loved it. This video - which is the epitome of girl power - was mentioned, and the quotes below were written in between playlists, and colours, and mini tales about everything, tinged with exquisite nothingness. Kate Spade is now officially my favourite designer. Well, for today, anyway...

A really great word: "Ellipses" comes from the greek élleipsis, meaning "omission" or "falling short."
Something to aspire to: "But he hardly heard a word they said. Any way he looked at her she was perfect."
One to think on (Related: For those of you wondering how the outcome of my last post went down, I reciprocated. It was all very sweet in the moment. And then, a week later, whilst standing in the street looking at me like I'd gone wrong when I showed signs of affection, he took it back. Turns out you can unsay those words.): "If only, I thought, I could talk to Eugene just one more time. This was before I came to understand that you cannot make someone fall in love with you. But here's what you can do. By arguing and pleading and screaming and crying and throwing plates and phoning a lot and bringing hot food and sending flowers and buying gifts and doing unsolicited favors and remembering a birthday and being nice and declaring your abiding love and trying hard or sometimes merely by being present, you can make someone who was hitherto lukewarm really detest you."

So there we have it. Regular updating will recommence in 5,4,3,2,1...

The Game of Love

21 Aug 2014

London Photography BlogSo is anyone else experiencing emotional whiplash when it comes to men right now? The rate at which these creatures change their minds is causing me muchos confusion, and has lead me to do unspeakable things in order to distract myself. Things such as watch all of the Twilight movies whilst manically grooming the cat, do a six hour deep clean of my bedroom (something that caused Tom to remark "Erm, WTF is going on? Did you kill someone?" Not yet Tom, not yet) and stay out until 5am with complete strangers playing Ping Pong and drinking Jagermeister.

One of the lashings this week has come at the hands of someone I care deeply about, and it concerned the L word. He used said word repeatedly, and then left. This was on Monday. We haven't spoken about it since. And I have to see him tonight. And that kind of freaks me out.

But that's not what I'm here for.

I'm here to ask you, my kind, emotionally stable, sometimes a little bit insane (love you for it) readers, what a normal reaction to the words 'I'm in love with you' actually looks like. Because I don't think I've ever had one. As a play by play, here is a breakdown of all of the first times someone has told me they love me:

Boyfriend #1 (musician, love of my life, dated for 4 years between the ages of 15 and 19 - this conversation took place on the phone)
Me: (In a jokey fashion) So are you in love with me yet?
Him: Yes, I think I might be

Boyfriend #2 (snowboard instructor, possibly into men these days, though this hasn't been confirmed, dated for a year - took place whilst sitting on my bed)
Him: I love you
Me: Thank you.

Boyfriend #3 (advertising giant, best friend, cat lover, dated for just over 4 years between 20 and 25 - also took place on my bed)
Me: I have something to tell you, but I don't know how to say it
Him: Don’t worry, I love you too
Me: *Silence*
Him: … That is what you were going to say wasn’t it?
Me: Oh crap, yeah, sorry, I love you.

And, now, the latest (who I won't describe out of respect for the situation)
Him: I love you
Me: What, like as a person?
Him: No, I’m in love with you
Me: Ah.
Him: Do I need to leave? I’ll leave.
Me: Oh no, it’s fine.

... I have a problem don't I?

Please help me.

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