15 Apr 2014

Taking a quick break for personal reasons - back soon :) xxx

The Best One Yet

13 Apr 2014

Charlotte's Web Blog - King Charles CavalierCharlotte's Web Blog - Cute King Charles Cavalier
Recently I mentioned that living with a dogsitter was awesome because there are always cute mutts about the place. Well, last weekend we struck gold, as Eddie entered our lives with his enormous teddy bear eyes, his head permanently tilted to one side (ear infection) and his incredibly soft fur, face and demeanor. I loved him so much I didn't want to leave the house the entire two days he was here, and when it came to home time I didn't want to say goodbye. It hurt too much to see him go. Sob, sniff etc. He's definitely the best one yet (even cold-hearted-toward-all-dogs Luke liked him), and I'm starting to realise I have a bit of a soft spot for King Charles Cavaliers. I'd totally become a dog person for this guy - he has the best face I've ever seen.

On a related note I'm now at home hanging out with Ellie's new pups. It doesn't get any better than this, as I'm sure my cats would disagree.

Happy weekend! xxx

Dear Catseye

11 Apr 2014

catseye wash bags charlotte's web blog
Please stop making such AMAZING wash bags, I can't justify owning more than two.



9 Apr 2014

Details - Charlotte's Web Blog
'We'll Take Manhattan' - best biopic I've seen in ages.

A very colourful, very chunky new Kate Spade phone case, which I bought as a well done gift for myself for having worked so hard last month. Bit of a loser thing to do, but sometimes you just have to make up an excuse to buy pretty things... ;)

The last book to capture my attention - lent to me by a work friend, who cites it as a must read. With lovesick puppies, mystery, Barcelona, and a little bit of violence, I'm going to have to agree. I sped through it fairly quickly, and am currently reading the sequel. So far, I'd recommend both. I'll let you know if I change my mind.

'Bailey Exposed.' I picked this up on my way out of the Stardust exhibition, and am very glad I did. A collection of David Bailey photographs, the book shares small snippets of information about his life, his subjects, and his photography style, all through (sometimes amusing, sometimes just very honest) quotes. It's my favourite coffee table book right now, and I'm enjoying flicking to random pages every now and then to rediscover something that makes me go 'oooooh!'

Other details - Can't stop listening to (and singing) Sara Bareilles - Brave and Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble. Can't stop watching Breaking Bad (although that's mainly because Luke always has it on...) Can't stop eating mini eggs easter cakes.

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